Simple and Deep Review Marketing Automation

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Welcome to RatePig Private Beta

A new breed of review marketing automation developed by and for busy business owners and over-meeting'ed marketers. We're excited to share this tailor-made tool designed for the modern business owner's toolbox.

  • website

    every website under the sun

    new retail and review sites pop-up every minute - manage them all from one clean dashboard

  • rankings

    reviews, ratings and rankings

    your entire product's reputation at-a-glance saving hours of manual research every week

  • products quality

    build better products

    understand customer issues and expectations with actionable reports and recommendations

  • competition

    stay ahead of the competition

    live ecommerce ranking insights let you optimize campaigns on-the-fly and get more sales

  • marketing campains

    more effective marketing campaigns

    tie marketing campaign performance to real-world customer feedback

  • you care

    show you care

    custom API's and cutting edge technology to show off your amazing products

your product's reputation is on the line

Intuitive Dashboards

Make it a breeze. Your at-a-glance dashboard will be the envy of every digital web slinger and overworked intern, easily surfacing the juiciest insights without so much as a snarl. Best of all, our current round of beta testers is in full swing so you get to play with the clay before it sets.

Intuitive Dashboards

Beautiful APIs

A serious mix of brawn and beauty. Developers know what they love, and that's a vibrant and healthy web. So we're constantly pushing to improve and implement new technologies that expand our support and seamless integration with your favorite platforms.

Beautiful APIs


Resource Center

We've built our organization from the ground-up to support the success of our customers and partners. RatePig lives and breathes on the cutting edge of technology in order to create ongoing value and always make our products smarter and easier to use. We're always here to help!

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